Champions Read. Do You?

Soccer is universal. Reading isn’t. Shouldn’t they both be? They could be, if kids had more e-books.

From Europe to Africa, from Asia to the Americas, soccer inspires people of all ages, and world-class players leave an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of children.

Worldreader knows that. Children in our program are drawn to soccer in a big way. Take a look for yourself. On a broader scale, the sport empowers them to set goals, teaches them about teamwork and motivates children to turn ideas into achievements. It can even encourage them to flip through a book.

That’s why we’re working with one of the best-known soccer clubs in the world: FC Barcelona. For the first time ever, images of famous players such as Xavi, Messi, Keita and Abidal are being beamed onto the e-readers of Worldreader students in Ghana, and soon throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Through personalized messages, these great soccer stars challenge the students to be champions who read.

FC Barcelona and Worldreader know kids all over the world love soccer. Now, we want them to love reading just as much.

You can help. Together we can bring books to all.

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