Books for all

Imagine a life without books.

Now, picture millions of children in all corners of the developing world in that same scenario. No storybooks. Barely enough textbooks for everyone in class. A few dusty, ripped, culturally-irrelevant books sitting on mostly-empty shelves (Really, what is a child in Africa going to learn from a guidebook about Utah that was printed in 1985?). It’s a dismal reality for many children, but the bigger question is: Without books, what chance do they have to improve their lives?

Worldreader is turning on its head the idea that books don’t make it to the developing world. We’re providing easy access to thousands of books by sending e‑readers loaded with local, international and culturally relevant content to children in places where access has been severely limited.  And once the e-readers are in place, kids can use the nearly ubiquitous cell-phone network to download more free books, samples, and educational games.

A non-profit based in both the U.S. and Europe, we work with manufacturers, local and international publishers and communities to get thousands of e-books into the hands of thousands of children and families throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to bring books for all. Let’s start with 1 million e-books in Africa and grow from there.

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