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Let’s send 1 million e-books to kids in Africa


With just $5, you'll change a child’s life forever

Worldreader has sent 200,000 e-books to kids in Africa. Help us make it 1 Million.

KindleWe can create a world where all children have access to the books they want or need. Over 200 million kids in sub-Saharan Africa have never read a book of their own. Poor infrastructure means books rarely arrive, and those that do are often outdated, irrelevant, or just plain dull.

Now imagine a world where every child has her own library of e-books— a low-power, portable library that never closes, full of the books she wants and needs. That’s what we can create together, with your help.

Worldreader has distributed over 200,000 e-books to kids. Now we have teamed up with soccer team FC Barcelona to attempt something that’s never before been possible: We’re raising money to send 1 million e-books to the children of Africa.

But we can’t do it without you

Please join us to help a generation of children get the books they want and need.  An e-book alone costs $0.50 or less to distribute… but if you make it $5, that’s enough for a portion of the e-reader, the shipping, the support– everything.  It’s like a library without the cost of bricks!   Donate, and be among the first ever to send 1 million e-books to Africa. You’ll change a life and change the world.

Your donations so far will help us send an additional....

490,241 e-books.

Join the Million Books Movement

No child should be without the books she wants or needs. We can help today’s generation of African children get the e-books they need to improve their lives– and improve the world for us and our children.

So we’ve set the goal of raising enough money to send 1 million e-books to Africa’s children. Every $5 helps us send another e-book to a child so she can improve her life.

Send an e-book, and let’s make history.

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